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Board & Staff

Board & Staff

Board of Directors

The LDAC Board of Directors is currently made up of 8 members from across Canada, all members from our LDA network.

The Board of Directors is largely representative of the provinces and territories in Canada and adults with learning disabilities (consumers). Each position on the board is a two-year term. Conference call meetings are held every other month.

Provincial/Territorial Representatives:

Yukon: Colleen Segriff

British Columbia: Brendan O’Neill

Alberta: Lorrie Goegan

Saskatchewan: Lynne Wawryk-Epp

Québec: Colette Charest – Treasurer

Atlantic provinces: Millie Leblanc

Directors at Large:

Thealzel Lee – Chair

Bob Cram – Secretary


EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR – Claudette Larocque

Claudette leads and implements LDAC Board policies and ensures that all association operations are carried out in accordance with stated goals. She is responsible for the management of LDAC projects, coordinating day-to-day activities, seeking project opportunities, project delivery and project reporting. She is a member of several federal advisory committees and consults with Provincial and Territorial LDAs on resources, policy and legislation issues in such areas as tax measures for persons with disabilities and improved accessibility for persons with print disabilities in public libraries.


Scott implements strategies in the Fund Development program and oversees our social media tools.


For information and questions about our Donors program please send a message to e-mail above.

Volunteer :


Robert looks after the day to day financial operations of LDAC. This includes, but is not limited to: ensuring that all aspects of LDAC’s financial management conform to recognized accounting principles for non-profit organizations in Canada. Rob is also responsible for developing financial policies and procedures, amended charts of accounts and developing systems for the tracking of projects, grants and donations.

Contractual staff are hired on an as need basis.

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