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For Parents

Parents are often baffled by the problems presented by a child with learning disabilities. Often this “invisible disability” does not become obvious until a child reaches school age. Even then, difficulties may be subtle and hard to recognize.

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For Adults

The impact of learning disabilities is lifelong. The issues that made school work so challenging as a child crop up again in the workplace, in social situations, and in our homes. Helping our children with their homework can be a struggle.

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For Professionals

Every teacher can expect to find students with learning disabilities in the classroom. Success for these students requires a focus on individual achievement, individual progress, and individual learning. We can put them into a position to compete!

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LD Basics

A person can be of average or above-average intelligence, not have any major sensory problems (like a hearing impairment), and yet struggle to keep up with people of the same age in learning and regular functioning.


LD Defined

Learning Disabilities refer to a number of disorders which may affect the acquisition, organization, retention, understanding or use of verbal or nonverbal information. These disorders affect learning in individuals.


LDAC Position Papers

The latest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders; Fifth Edition (DSM-5) published May 2013, includes the diagnostic criteria and features of Specific Learning Disorder. This Position Paper explores the DSM-5.



Over the years, LDAC has convened experts from across Canada to examine specific research areas in the field of learning disabilities that are of particular interest to its grassroot members. Many of the findings have had major impact.


Our Mission

We work nationally with our regional and local partners to build awareness about learning disabilities in communities across Canada. We help empower those living with learning disabilities to achieve their educational, employment, health and personal goals.


1 in 10

Canadians have LD

33 %

no high school


report LD impact on education


parents report difficulty getting special education

Only 38%

employment rate

Over 50%

less income

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