Researchers’ Spotlight

Researchers' Spotlight

Dr. Lauren Goegan: is an assistant professor at the University of Manitoba in the Faculty of Education. Her research examines various issues related to students with Learning Disabilities (LD). For example, her main program of research explores the transition from high school to postsecondary education, finding that having a sense of belonging on campus is vital for a student with LD and their success[i]. More recently as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, she has investigated the impact of online learning for students with LD, discovering that online learning is a roller coaster with various advantages and disadvantages[ii]. Her work often includes motivation theories, such as the importance of having a growth mindset for students with LD[iii] and exploring ways to meet a student’s basic psychological needs of autonomy (e.g., giving them choice), competence (e.g., helping them feel capable) and relatedness (e.g., feeling connected to others) to support students with dyslexia during classroom assessment [iv].

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Dr. Jamie Metsala is a Professor and the Gail and Stephen Jarislowsky Chair in Learning Disabilities in the Faculty of Education at Mount Saint Vincent University. Her research and dissemination activities focus on reading achievement and effective instruction for all children and youth, including those with or at risk for learning disabilities. She engages with community and education systems to address the link between instructional approaches in our schools and social justice issues. Dr. Metsala’s research includes studies on the development of phonological awareness,  phonological processing in students with reading disabilities, oral language contributors to reading comprehension, fluency development, effective remediation of reading disabilities, and teachers’ self-efficacy for teaching in the inclusive classroom. Dr. Metsala is a registered psychologist who previously held tenured faculty positions at the Universities of Maryland and Western Ontario. Recently, Dr. Metsala was a one of two content area experts on the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s Right to Read Public Inquiry.

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