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Neurodevelopmental Delays In Children – Why, What to Watch For and How to Help!

presented by BrainAheadDate

October 5, 2021
Time: 9AM PT/ 12PM ET

In this presentation, Laura Dieleman, DC, BSc will discuss current theories of why we are seeing the rates of learning and behavioral disorders that we are in children.Ā  She will touch on reasons that occur as early as preconception to reasons that occur later in development and other topics including:

Learn about ‘the why’ behind the rates of learning and behavioral disorders we are seeing in children today;

  • The role of epigenetics on the outcomes of the health of our children;
  • Neuroplasticity and how it helps our children continue to grow, improve and learn;
  • At-home strategies to help children who are struggling;
  • How BrainAhead can be used as a tool to help children struggling with learning disabilities.