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March 2024

LDAC’s mandate is to work collaboratively with regional and local partners to raise awareness about LD nationwide and empower those with living with LD, helping them to achieve their educational, employment and personal goals. In 2012 LDAC intervened at the Supreme Court of Canada in Moore v British Colombia on behalf of a middle school student who had been denied education services by his local school district due to funding restraints. The family fled a human rights complaint under provincial human rights legislation and the Supreme Court of Canada agreed that students with LD were entitled to services needed to achieve the education milestones available to all students. The parents were entitled to reimbursement for tuition payments they incurred for their son through private school resources not available in public school.

The Moore case has been used in education as well as workplace accommodation disputes for persons with LD many times. LDAC provided legal accommodation and human rights webinar in October/ 2024 as part of its continuing education on-line Conference series.

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Despite progress, obtaining necessary services and tools for education remains a struggle for parents and young adults with learning disabilities. Working adults also face difficulties revealing their LD for fear of negative consequences.



Dr. John McNamara

Dr. McNamara is an educational psychologist interested in studying young children with learning and reading disabilities. Currently his research involves working with various agencies across Province to develop and implement literacy intervention programs for vulnerable readers. Dr. McNamara also leads his LD Research Team in a number of applied research projects aimed at better understanding reading and reading disabilities. He has published numerous articles and presented internationally about how best to support children and youth with learning disabilities. John is also the author of Reading Rocks – a literacy program designed to motivate and support vulnerable readers. John’s Reading Rocks program is currently in use in several regions in Ontario. In addition to his research, John currently a professor at Brock University and teaches a large frst-year course in Child and Youth Studies. He has won several teaching awards and awards for his mentorship of students. John has emphasized his work in the community and following this, has worked with several Learning Disabilities Associations across Ontario. He is currently the President of the Learning Disabilities Association of Wellington Region.


Thomas Edison

Within the pages of history, John F. Kennedy’s story stands as a testament to the resilience of individuals with learning disabilities. Despite facing signifcant challenges in reading and concentration during his school years, Kennedy’s potential learning disabilities, such as ADHD and dyslexia, did not deter him from achieving greatness. His journey underscores the importance of recognizing, understanding, and supporting individuals with learning disabilities. As the 35th President of the United States, Kennedy’s accomplishments illuminate the possibilities that await when we provide an inclusive environment that embraces diverse learning needs. This narrative not only celebrates Kennedy’s legacy but also serves as an empowering reminder to our community: with the right support and determination, every individual can transcend their limitations and contribute profoundly to our world.

Dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD... The new children’s book BORN TO BE ME! Presents 15 true stories of amazing Canadians from all walks of life who live with a learning disability or difficulty.

“We distributed “Born to Be Me” to  grade 6 and 7 families for parents and kids to read the testimonials and experiences of Canadians with Learning Disabilities. The book can help individuals with their own self-perception, esteem and confidence”. Simon Williams, Executive Co-Director, Foothills Academy Society

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Despite progress, obtaining necessary services and tools for education remains a struggle for parents and young adults with learning disabilities. Working adults also face difficulties revealing their LD for fear of negative consequences.

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