DECISION IN MOORE CASE RULING WILL BE APPEALED: Intervener applauds parents’ decision

April 4, 2008 - Ottawa, Ontario - The Learning Disabilities Association of Canada (LDAC) is praising the Moore family’s decision for filing an appeal of the B.C. Supreme Court ruling that overturned the 2005 Human Rights Tribunal Ruling claiming the B.C.'s Education Ministry and the North Vancouver school board discriminated against students with LD when it failed to give their son, Jeffrey, proper support with his severe learning disabilities. The Moore family started the action a dozen years ago on behalf of their son, Jeffrey, who was struggling to read.

The Learning Disabilities Association of Canada, an intervener in this case, commends the Moore family for embarking on such a perilous journey and for their perseverance and vision in taking this issue forward.

“Jeffrey Moore represents to all of us, just what can happen to a child with identified Learning Disabilities when the school system that was to serve him does not. What has happened to Jeffrey has happened to thousands of young people across Canada through no single individuals' fault but rather a systemic fault by ministries of education and school districts not providing the necessary funding to give students like Jeffrey the individualized instructions they need. Jeffrey was identified but not served in a way that was appropriate to his educational needs,” states Judy Kerr, Executive Director of the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada.

“As an Association, we are concerned that the range of specialized services needed by many students with learning disabilities is being eroded due to provincial under funding and changes to the provincial funding formulas across this country. Too many of these students are not completing their high school education. With the incidence of learning disabilities increasing, we all need to work together to correct the situation for today’s students and future students,” added Ms. Kerr.

About the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada (LDAC)

Since 1963, the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada has provided support to people with Learning Disabilities, as well as their families, their teachers and other professionals who help them. LDAC is a volunteer-led association representing a network of 10 provincial and 2 territorial Learning Disabilities Associations. From these extends a network of chapters in some 55 communities across the country with more than 7,000 members across Canada.

For a complete transcript of the Appeal decision please click here

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