In an attempt to inform our readers in the belief that you have the right to know, the following are research studies and papers authored by other experts in the field of learning disabilities and are not associated with LDAC.

March, 2009 - A Call to Action: World Summit on LD – Lake Louise, AB,

On April 13-16, 2008, 189 ppeople from around the world gathered in Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada for the first World Summit on Learning Disabilities.

International experts in the field of medicine, psycholoogy, education, justice, neurological and genetic research, government, law, advocacy, and employment together withparents and individuals with learning disabilities attended the Summit. Representing diverse countries and cultures, consensus quickly emerged among delegates about the critical issues and actions necessary to maximize the human potential of individuals affected by learning disabilities.

June 2009 The State of LD in the USA

The National Center for Learning Disabilities has created a groundbreaking report on the "state" of learning disabilities in the United States.

The State of Learning Disabilities 2009 is a comprehensive report on the status of children, adolescents, and adults with learning disabilities (LD) in the United States. It shatters common myths about LD and provides benchmark data to compare and contrast how people with LD are faring in school and work.

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