Message to the LDA Network from LDAC's National Board of Directors

To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly. (Henri Bergson)

Although it is necessary for us to close our physical office, LDAC has realized that it can continue to operate in a new and updated form. Many believe that a national presence is necessary and the Board of LDAC certainly agrees. A national presence can continue to provide leadership in delivering one consistent message to the public about learning disabilities. It can continue to support and advocate for its nationally recognized LD definition and to promote awareness of the need for accommodations and inclusion, among other things. LDAC simply needs to do this in a different and more cost effective way, given the change in available funding.

Embracing the digital and technological age we now live in, LDAC will continue to maintain its status as a national association, and will strive to fulfill its mandate via a web-based presence.

So, despite our regret that we must close the physical office, we must, in order to survive, go on creating ourselves! In this age of connectivity, we can find new ways to communicate the important message that people with learning disabilities have a right to learn, and an amazing power to achieve, given the right supports and understanding!

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The recent ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada in Moore v. British Columbia (Education), 2012 has affirmed the legal rights of students with learning disabilities to receive an education that gives them an opportunity to develop their full potential. The decision was unanimous. The decision has significant implications for all students in Canada with learning disabilities.

LDAC has prepared two position papers on the monumental decision of the Supreme Court of Canada, one regarding the legal implications and the other looking at the educational implications. Read the papers

The LDAC Legal Consortium, lead by pro bono Lead Counsel for the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada in the Supreme Court of Canada decision, Jeff Moore V BC (Ministry of Education) & School District 44 will be crossing the country in the next few months, offering a number of public information sessions and conference presentations on the ruling.

Please read some of the presentations

Breakfast Keynote address at the CAPSULE Conference in Winnipeg, MB presented by Yude Henteleff, C.M., Q.C., LL.D. (Hon.) “The Moore Decision: Meaningful Access Including Range of Placements –An Integral Part of the Right to Equal Access in Education

Jeffery Moore Case CBC Radio Noon Interview April 9th @ 10:30 EDT

Yude Henteleff and Dr Dave Philpott will be leading a discussion on the Jeff Moore case on the Newfoundland CBC radio Noon show, tomorrow Tuesday, April 9th @ 10:30 EDT (12pm local Newfoundland Time). There will be a short discussion on the case followed by a phone in segment.

Listeners throughout Canada can hear the show through the CBC Radio NL website: (look for the "listen live" button in the upper right hand corner).

Yude was Lead Council for LDAC as intervener in the Jeff Moore case.

For those who did not get a chance to listen to the interview with Yude Henteleff and David Philpott on CBC Radio Noon in Newfoundland, the podcast is available at

Scroll down to Tuesday, April 9th, 2013 - Inclusive education Crosstalk

Crosstalk – Has inclusion education gone too far? Ramona is joined by Memorial University professor David Philpott, whose research often delves into inclusive education and learning disabilities, and Winnipeg human rights lawyer, Yude Henteleff, pro bono Lead Counsel for the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada in the Supreme Court of Canada decision, Jeff Moore V BC (Ministry of Education) & School District 44.

The Learning Disabilities Association of Canada (LDAC) will regrettably extend the suspension of its scholarship program. This time it will be indefinitely until the national board completes its evaluation of the scholarship program, its goals, its investments and possible re-structuring.


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